About Mockingbird Books

Mockingbird Books is located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle (just north of Rosita's) in the Great Hall at Green Lake. We love to be a part of introducing young children to the exquisite joy of learning to read and to continue in partnership with them as their horizons expand. We are a resource for teachers, parents and young adults in book selection and reading motivation ideas, as well as an active supporter of children's literacy in Seattle. We know that readers raise readers, so we also carry a selection of our favorite grown-up titles and current indie picks.

Praise for Mockingbird Books

"We know this treasure trove of family books is about to become one of your favorite browsing and buying shops." - Red Tricycle

"Along with 7,000 titles, Mockingbird Books is packed with 40 years of teaching and library experience." - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"It's like a little tiny corner of Seattle sublime." - Seattle Times

"The exposed brick on the walls, the bright white trim and the charcoal carpet make it a warm and inviting place to hang out, and the knowledgeable staff and great selection of classic, new and locally published authors make it a great place to shop for just the right book for each child. " - Seattle's Child Magazine

Also be sure to check out our bookstore on award-winning author Kathi Appelt's website!

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